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Where Do I Begin if I am Considering Labiaplasty?

For women at the very beginning of their labiaplasty journey, plastic surgeon Steven Yarinsky, MD, has quite a bit of helpful advice. Most importantly, he emphasizes thoroughly researching a plastic surgeon who has the education, certifications, and experience necessary to provide you with top-quality care. He specifically recommends selecting a surgeon who is both board Continue Reading

When Can I Have Sex Again?

When it comes to wound healing, you can’t fool “mother nature.” After labiaplasty (or any cosmetic surgery for that matter) with optimum healing it takes at least 6 weeks to reach the 90% point of the end result and up to a year to see the final result. Despite claims of other plastic surgeons and Continue Reading

Painful Scars After Labiaplasty—What Should I Do?

Some women who I’ve seen in referral after having labiaplasty by another physician using an edge-trim technique have complained of painful scars which have deterred them from resuming comfortable relations. The edge-trim technique places a scar along the entire leading edge of the labia minora which can be tender as nerves regenerate. That is why Continue Reading

When Can I Have Labiaplasty Revision Surgery?

Female intimate surgery can be a complex surgery, and in order to reach your ideal outcome, it is crucial you seek a qualified plastic surgeon who is experienced at performing the procedure. With over 20 years of experience performing labiaplasty, Dr. Steven Yarinsky is considered a leading plastic surgeon in the specialty. In addition to Continue Reading
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