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Should I Wait Until After Having Children to Get Labiaplasty?

Since labiaplasty is designed to reduce the size of a woman’s labial tissue, patients often wonder if they should wait until after having children to pursue the vaginal rejuvenation procedure. This is a common misconception about labiaplasty. Patients who undergo labiaplasty are often in varying stages of their life—many of which haven’t had children yet. Since labiaplasty mostly addresses the external part of the female genitalia (and does not involve the vaginal birth canal), Dr. Yarinsky reassures patients that any improvement they receive from their procedure should not change due to a future vaginal birth.

While the results from labiaplasty are considered permanent, and the same issues shouldn’t occur in the future, some women may develop new concerns related to childbirth, such as stretching and tearing or looseness. Despite these possibilities, Dr. Yarinsky encourages patients who are experiencing intimate concerns affecting their quality of life to not hesitate pursuing labiaplasty.

In general, Dr. Yarinsky advises patients who are actively trying to get pregnant to wait until after their delivery to undergo any elective surgical procedure, including labiaplasty. If a pregnancy is planned for months or years later, however, there is no reason to wait to have a labiaplasty.

For more information about the best timing for labiaplasty, and whether you are a good candidate for the procedure, please contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Yarinsky.

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