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Do Labiaplasty Sutures Smell When They Dissolve?

During the recovery period after vaginal or labial surgery, patients should closely follow their surgeon’s post-operative care instructions to ensure proper healing. Even when they are strictly followed, however, complications can still arise after labiaplasty and other vaginal rejuvenation procedures. While many concerns patients have after labiaplasty relate to how they feel or what their wound looks like, some individuals wonder if there is a certain smell associated with their sutures as they dissolve.

To put it simply, no—there should be no significant odor from dissolving sutures. Dr. Steven Yarinsky tells patients that if they notice an odor, this may indicate a vaginal or wound infection is present. Redness, tenderness, itchiness, and vaginal discharge may also indicate the wound should be examined for an infection. If an odor does develop, one should see their doctor promptly. As with any concern related to healing after surgery, Dr. Yarinsky urges patients to reach out to their surgeon to determine if what they are experiencing is normal or if a problem needs to be addressed.

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