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Can I Go in the Pool After Labiaplasty?

woman in pool after labiaplastyWhen performed by a distinguished, well-trained, and experienced plastic surgeon like Steven Yarinksy, MD, the results of labiaplasty can offer a variety of benefits. Typically performed to contour the inner and outer vaginal lips (respectively the labia minora and majora) by reducing their size and trimming excess skin, labiaplasty has restored the confidence of many of our patients. This advanced vaginal rejuvenation surgery can also ease the discomfort many patients who have elongated labia minoras (the inner lips) experience when wearing bathing suits or form-fitting clothing, sitting down, or having sexual intercourse.

As with any surgery, after having a labiaplasty it is important that patients adhere to aftercare instructions for a safe recovery and to obtain the best possible results. For instance, patients are usually prescribed oral antibiotics and antibiotic ointment to encourage proper healing. In addition, during warmer weather, patients sometimes wonder whether it’s safe to go swimming after labiaplasty. Dr. Yarinsky recommends waiting around three months before swimming, hot tubbing, or taking a tub bath. Avoiding submerging the treated area in water during this time can prevent infection, skin irritation, and wound edge separation.

Just as Dr. Yarinsky personalizes the course of each labiaplasty procedure to meet the specific needs and cosmetic goals of the patient, he customizes the plan for aftercare in each case. For a thorough evaluation and discussion of the healing process, he encourages patients to come in for a personalized consultation to have all their questions answered.

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