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5 Common Misconceptions About Labiaplasty

With over 25 years of experience performing labiaplasty, board-certified plastic surgeon Steven Yarinsky, MD, FACS has heard several rumors about this feminine intimate procedure that are simply not true. During the consultation process, he helps patients interested in the procedure get a better understanding of what the process entails. By discussing the benefits and risks Continue Reading

Is Labiaplasty Safe?

Choosing to undergo surgery can be intimidating for many people, and labiaplasty, in particular, can be a very personal and challenging decision. As such a private matter, women are often concerned about the safety of their vaginal rejuvenation, wondering if the procedure is worth the investment or carries more risk than reward. Having over 25 Continue Reading

How to Choose a Surgeon for Your Labiaplasty

Finding a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to perform your labiaplasty procedure is important for many reasons. The quality of your results, your recovery, and your overall experience depend on having a surgeon whose skills and credentials you can trust. Our plastic surgeon, Steven Yarinsky, MD, devotes a large part of his practice to female Continue Reading

Is It Normal to Experience Extreme Sensitivity After Labiaplasty?

Plastic surgeon Steven Yarinsky, MD performs labiaplasty using the “wedge resection technique”—rather than an “edge trim” approach—to promote faster healing and minimize post-surgical discomfort for his patients during recovery. He explains that even with wedge-style labiaplasty, however, it is not uncommon for patients to experience swelling, hypersensitivity, and even itching during the early stages of Continue Reading

Should I Shave Before My Labiaplasty?

A confused labiaplasty patient sought Dr. Steven Yarinsky’s advice about whether or not she should shave before her procedure. The pre-operative instructions from her doctor were unclear and she found conflicting information on the internet, which left her in need of a knowledgeable opinion. As a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in labiaplasty, his simple Continue Reading

Can an OBGYN Perform Labiaplasty?

Recently, board certified plastic surgeon Steven Yarinsky, MD was asked by a woman in a remote area if she could rely on the skills of any local OBGYN to perform labiaplasty to eliminate physical discomfort. He responded that while it may seem like all OBGYNs and plastic surgeons would be trained and capable of performing Continue Reading
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