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Will My Partner Be Able to See My Scar?

shutterstock_187536173Every patient’s recovery from labiaplasty will vary to some degree. When you seek a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Steven Yarinsky, who has over 20 years of experience performing labiaplasty, you can be confident you are receiving the highest quality of care, setting you up for the smoothest recovery possible. He utilizes a calculated approach to the procedure, helping patients avoid scars that are noticeable to their partner.

Dr. Yarinsky prefers the wedge-type labiaplasty, as this makes resulting scars virtually undetectable. Wedge labiaplasty involves more work and meticulous technique, using magnification to close the wounds. After about six months, you should be approximately 90% healed. Swelling and bruising resolve over the first month or two. By six to eight weeks after, you and your partner should not be able to notice the scars, as long as they are appropriately and properly placed and positioned in hidden areas by a plastic surgeon trained and experienced in wedge resection type labiaplasty.

If you undergo the “edge-trim” labiaplasty technique (which Dr. Yarinsky usually discourages), however, it is much more likely that your scars will be visible. The edge trim type of labiaplasty is easier to do since it simply involves amputation of the prominent labia minora (inner lips). The edge-trim labiaplasty can also lead to a painful scar located along the labial edge with excessive vaginal dryness and, and it is easy to remove too much skin creating an “operated-upon” look. Therefore, edge-trim labiaplasty is to be avoided in most cases. When you attend your labiaplasty consultation, be sure to discuss both the wedge and edge-trim labiaplasty techniques with your plastic surgeon. For most of his patients, Dr. Yarinsky recommends wedge-type labiaplasty to avoid prominent scars and the most natural appearance. Plus, clitoral hood skin reduction can be done at the same time with a second “V” or wedge skin resection to give you a natural balance. Asymmetry can also be corrected, if one side has more skin than the other. All labiaplasty options will be discussed and all of your questions will be answered as he educates you at your personalized consultation visit. Dr. Yarinsky believes strongly that your initial operation is your one best chance to get the best labiaplasty result. So we encourage you to call us and see him in consultation before you have labiaplasty elsewhere!

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