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Will I Lose Sensation After Labiaplasty?

yarinsky faqs imageAs part of his dedication to educating patients about female intimate surgery, Dr. Steven Yarinsky often contributes to online forums like RealSelf to answer commonly asked questions. He recently shared his knowledge on labiaplasty to help a patient who had undergone the procedure two weeks prior. This individual reported that her healing was going smoothly so far–and sensation to the area seemed normal–but she had one major concern: could she still experience a loss of sensation in the future due to her labiaplasty?

Having performed this intimate procedure for the past 20+ years, Dr. Yarinsky is familiar with concerns like this and was happy to respond to the woman’s question. In his comment, he explains that a loss of sensation from labiaplasty–that utilizes the wedge or trim technique–is a rare occurrence. In fact, women are more likely to experience an increase in labial and clitoral sensitivity. This fact along with a woman’s increase in self-esteem after labiaplasty may further enhance enjoyment with sexual relations.

Dr. Yarinsky notes that after a properly done labiaplasty sensation should not change in the long term, though it may temporarily diminish as the wounds heal and the swelling subsides. Should the sensation be affected post-operatively, his patients have found that the sensory nerves typically go back to normal function within 12 weeks after surgery. However, if labiaplasty is combined with a clitoral hood reduction, the clitoris becomes more exposed and may enhance sensitivity during sexual intimacy.

“The bottom line is that if your sensation is good right after surgery it will not suddenly be lost in the future.” Dr. Yarinsky concluded his response by encouraging the RealSelf patient to enjoy her results and to check with her surgeon to know exactly when it is safe to resume intimate relations without compromising her surgical outcome. He recommends that his labiaplasty patients avoid any friction on the pubic region from sports or intimacy until they are 8-10 weeks postop.

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