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When Can I Have Sex Again?

When it comes to wound healing, you can’t fool “mother nature.” After labiaplasty (or any cosmetic surgery for that matter) with optimum healing it takes at least 6 weeks to reach the 90% point of the end result and up to a year to see the final result. Despite claims of other plastic surgeons and gynecologists to the contrary, there is no magical way to promote faster healing. Since vaginal intercourse, or inserting anything in the vaginal opening, can physically stress delicately healing labia minora, I recommend waiting to resume relations and avoid using tampons or vibrators for at least 8-10 weeks. A patient of mine ignored my advice having sex at 6 weeks after surgery which caused a painful tear. While her labia eventually healed, this problem was avoidable if she had waited another few weeks for the scars to mature and skin to toughen. To be safest, use added lubrication when resuming relations (we recommend Astroglide®), be very gentle at first and let comfort be your guide.

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