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When Can I Have Labiaplasty Revision Surgery?


Female intimate surgery can be a complex surgery, and in order to reach your ideal outcome, it is crucial you seek a qualified plastic surgeon who is experienced at performing the procedure. With over 20 years of experience performing labiaplasty, Dr. Steven Yarinsky is considered a leading plastic surgeon in the specialty. In addition to performing different variations of female intimate surgery, Dr. Yarinsky also performs revision surgery to help women who underwent labiaplasty from another surgeon and are unhappy with their results. To provide a better understanding of what a revision labiaplasty may entail, our board-certified plastic surgeon answered one woman’s questions on the online medical forum RealSelf.

This individual was five months into her recovery. She had expressed concerns to her surgeon about her results, which included excess skin and an uneven shape, but he disregarded her comments. This left the patient unhappy, saying she had a “‘mini lip’ on top of [her] labia minora,” which she described as looking worse than before the surgery. After seeing her doctor again for a follow-up, he told her not to worry and that he could make minor alterations to improve her results. This response left the concerned patient with more questions, which is when she decided to go online to ask for advice from other plastic surgeons.

After learning about her case, Dr. Yarinsky provided his professional opinion for how the patient should move forward, based on the information she provided. He said it appeared she had an edge trim type labiaplasty that left excess labia minora and clitoral hood skin. To improve her outcome and provide the natural-looking appearance she desired, Dr. Yarinsky recommended a revision with a double wedge type skin and clitoral hoods resection. By doing so, he explained this would help minimize the anterior prominence of the clitoris, which could also help eliminate associated irritation and sensitivity.

Since the patient was still recovering from her original labiaplasty, Dr. Yarinsky recommended that she should let several months pass before undergoing reconstruction. This would allow enough time for the swelling to resolve and incisions to heal. During this waiting period, he advised the woman to seek a board-certified plastic surgeon who is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPS). To get the best outcome from her revision, he further encouraged her to find a surgeon who specializes in wedge type labiaplasties and reconstruction after labiaplasty. When consulting with the surgeon, he stressed the importance of asking questions and viewing before and after pictures to make sure they can provide the results she is seeking.

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