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Can an OBGYN Perform Labiaplasty?

Recently, board certified plastic surgeon Steven Yarinsky, MD was asked by a woman in a remote area if she could rely on the skills of any local OBGYN to perform labiaplasty to eliminate physical discomfort. He responded that while it may seem like all OBGYNs and plastic surgeons would be trained and capable of performing this type of surgery, the reality is, labiaplasty is an extremely delicate procedure that requires specialized surgical skill and experience few physicians have.

Dr. Yarinsky urges any woman considering labiaplasty to take time researching surgeons, and travel if necessary, to find a doctor with the right qualifications, technical knowledge, and expertise to perform the surgery properly. To help ensure the best results, he suggests looking for a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in labiaplasty and is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). For labia reduction procedures, he believes the “wedge resection technique” to be the most effective, comfortable, and reliable approach, and he recommends finding a surgeon who is experienced in this labiaplasty method. In contrast to an “edge trim”, the “wedge” approach leaves nearly invisible scars. The wedge type procedure requires skin flap creation and repair which plastic surgeons are best qualified and trained in their residency to perform. Gynecologists typically are not trained to do labiaplasty using a wedge resection.

Dr. Yarinsky devotes a large part of his practice to labiaplasty and other female intimate procedures, and he has considerable experience in advanced techniques that deliver consistent, high-quality results. If you have questions about labiaplasty or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yarinsky, please contact our practice.

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